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What is VeraFlow?

We’ll cover the description, a little bit of the background story, what people say about VeraFlow, and the branding so you know exactly what we stand for and how to talk about the program.

The benefits of VeraFlow

Find out who will benefit from the class and how they will benefit, so you’re able to talk about VeraFlow to people and make it the solution to the issue they are looking to solve.

Contraindications & Precautions

Learn about who shouldn’t be taking a VeraFlow class and who to be careful with and provide modifications for.

Principles and Types of Stretching

There are a lot of different types of stretching which you may not even be aware about. We’ll talk about these and identify the types of stretching we use in VeraFlow classes. We will look at how your body reacts during the stretches and how to make the exercises more effective.

Format of the Class

Here we’ll be looking at the structure of the class and why it is how it is. Also we’ll have a quick recap about why we warm up and what’s important to include.

Mindfulness, Visualisation & Meditation

What is it and what are the benefits? I will also talk you though one mindfulness visualisation and one mindfulness meditation so that you can experience these for yourself.

Preparing to Teach VeraFlow Classes

We really want you to be able to go out and teach as soon as possible after passing the live training day so that you don’t forget everything you’ve learnt and so that you’re still buzzing and really excited about it. So in this module we’ll talk about what makes a great venue and what equipment is needed.

Teaching Techniques

What they are and how to implement them in your class. Use the cueing techniques as you go through the practical stretch videos to think about how you will teach and cue those moves in your classes. This will really prepare you for the live training day where we will be assessing you throughout the day.

Practical Modules

We’ll go over all of the stretches used in the VeraFlow 1 class, looking at alignment, where we’re lengthening and where we’re contracting. We will touch on modifications and progressions and we will expand on these during the live training day.


A recording of Naomi teaching a VeraFlow masterclass from a face-to-face training day.

Live training day recording

A recording of a full live training day where you can listen in to discussions and all Naomi's top tips for successfully teaching VeraFlow classes.


get the tools you need to teach awesome veraflow classes

Upon completion of your training course you will purchase a license subscription which

will give you access to everything you need to be a successful VeraFlow instructor

for as long as you remain a subscribed instructor. This includes...


Choreography Videos

Every 3 months you will get access to a new set of choreography including videos and a playlist on Spotify (music is not included in the license subscription).


Marketing Materials

VeraFlow logos, social media images, testimonials, Facebook cover photos, videos, quotes and photos will all be available for you to download in your account.


Opportunity to become a VeraFlow Pro

Take your skills to the next level! VeraFlow Pros are able to create their own routines and submit their routines to be featured on new releases for all VeraFlow Instructors to enjoy. 


Tutorial Videos

Not sure how to teach the new stretches featured in the release, or want to know how to modify and progress them? Just watch the short tutorial videos to learn all the tips.



Personal support is available from Naomi whenever you need it as well as a lively and supportive Facebook group: VeraFlowers are truly wonderful people.


Class Listing

You can submit your VeraFlow classes for listing on the Find a Class page of this website. We'll also market you and your classes on our social media.

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Is VeraFlow for me?

I'm not flexible enough!

Most people are fairly inflexible - It's completely normal and it's one result of sitting down for long periods. Lots of activity without stretching is also a huge factor in limiting flexibility, just as growing older causes a natural loss in flexibility. As an instructor you do not need to be super flexible. Your job will be to lead and guide your participants, coaching them into the positions that you may not be able to do yourself at the moment. That is a great demonstration of every body being different and also takes the pressure off your students. As you go through the online training you'll find practical videos which you can practise along to. Your knowledge about stretching will develop and you'll find that your own flexibility will improve. Not being flexible is the number 1 reason you SHOULD start teaching regular VeraFlow classes! You'll be helping yourself while helping others. The sooner you start, the sooner your flexibility will improve! Start your training today!

I have really bad balance

Being afraid of losing balance or falling over is very common and the only way to decrease the chance of that happening is to work on improving your balance. There are modifications within a VeraFlow class that you can use for yourself even whilst practising at home before progressing as your balance improves. As an instructor you'll be giving adaptations, modification and progressions in your classes according to the abilities of your participants. Start your training today!

I'm not a natural dancer

The dance routines are simple and repeat with the music. We will always be here to help you to be successful. In addition to a video of the choreography you'll also receive extra instructional videos where necessary and choreography notes with counts, explanations, teaching points, cues and they're colour coded too! You will receive new routines every three months (a full class). So your class participants have time to master them and progress the stretches before you move on. Attendees have said that this is one of the main reasons they love VeraFlow classes: "I am actually learning how to dance" Start your training today!

Another license fee... why and how much?

Yes, there is a license fee to pay. You'll be using VeraFlow branding, concepts and choreography to make money in your business. It costs money to run the back end, come up with choreography, film it, create the choreography notes, traning and everything else involved. Instead of asking for a cut of your profits we ask for a general license fee to be paid. There are 3 options for paying your license fee and you can choose the license option that will suit you best: £120 per year (works out at £10 per month - paid annually) £40 per quarter (works out at £13.33 per month - paid every 3 months) £17 per month (paid each month) In Europe: per year (works out at per month - paid annually) per quarter (works out at per month - paid every 3 months) per month (paid each month) In Australia: per year (works out at per month - paid annually) per quarter (works out at per month - paid every 3 months) per month (paid each month) In the USA and the rest of the world: per year (works out at per month - paid annually) per quarter (works out at per month - paid every 3 months) per month (paid each month)

What if I do not pass?

Attendees of the VeraFlow Instructor training course must have a fitness, dance teaching, yoga, PT or pilates qualification. If you have this and you study the online content thoroughly it is highly likely that you will pass. If the VeraFlow Master Trainer believes that you would benefit from some extra time practising before delivering VeraFlow classes, they will feedback that you are referred. This means that you can come to another live training course free of charge(you must book within 6 months of your original training date). Don't worry, a VFM cannot refer you just because you didn't laugh at one of their jokes! There is list of criteria that you must meet. These are explained to you in the online training and your VFM will go over them again with you at the training day. You will be referred if you do not meet the set criteria. In that case you will receive feedback. The training day itself is very relaxed and the assessment is ongoing throughout the day. There will not be a time during the day when your VFM says 'it's assessment time'.

I find it hard to keep my mind in one place

That is completely normal and that's why Mindfulness training is so important. It's a skill to be developed and learnt. As an instructor you can practise yourself using the recorded meditations and exercises provided. There are also some exercises which require you to actually do things with your body so you can't help but be fully involved. Intrigued?

I don't have time. How long does the online traning take?

It depends on whether you are completing your training fully online or blended learning. The fully online option will take a little longer as there's more content to go through and you will need to submit a video for assessment. If you choose the blended learning option (i.e. some online study plus a one-day face-to-face training day) the online learning doesn't have to take long at all to complete. It's designed too take around 8 hours but some people have crammed it into one evening and passed their online assessment in time to attend a training the next day! That's not what we'd recommend though! The online training is set up in bite-sized modules and contains worksheets, videos, audio files and the manual to help you learn whichever way you prefer. The online training is there to prepare you for the live training day where we put everything into practise. "Loved the online pre-training. WIsh all courses would operate like this. Can go at my own pace."​- Belinda Bronjewski "The online pre-learning is very very good. I loved the video footage and the ability to download material and worksheets​." - Sue Doel "I loved the online aspect. And saved valuable practice time on the day." - Michelle Simpson

Stretching is boring. My clients will think it's too slow and want more of a workout

A VeraFlow class is never boring! Great music and dance moves are used throughout the class to take participants on a journey. They have to engage their mind to both learn and follow routines as well as master the stretching techniques. The first half of the class is all standing work, danced and choreographed to the music. You will break a sweat. Let's be clear, this is not get in a stretch position and try to relax until you can go a bit further... then 20 minutes later not be able to walk because your legs have turned to jelly! This is a fun, effective and functional way of improving flexibility, balance and coordination. VeraFlow will challenge your perceptions of stretching. I'm challenging you to give it a try! Contact us to arrange a taster masterclass for you and your participants.

I don't have a fitness qualification

To teach VeraFlow you need to have some knowledge of anatomy and physiology as well as be very comfortable and skilled at teaching mixed ability groups using a mixture of cueing techniques. You need to be able to give adaptations, modifications and progressions and correct alignment issues. If you do not hold the pre-requisite qualifications but you would like to teach VeraFlow we have a specially develop pre-learning for you within the training! Just select this option when purchasing your training course.

I can't make the dates/locations currently available for the live training

We work slightly differently to other programs. We don't see the point of putting random location and dates online. Instead we check where people are who are completing the online learning and schedule live training days in places which would be more appropriate for those people. To get trained more quickly the best thing for you to do is to register online now! If you're unsure then please contact us stating where you are based and when you'd ideally like to be completing your training. ***N.B. If you are NOT in the UK or in OH or PA in the US please contact us before you enrol ***

I already know about stretching

That's fantastic! There are a lot of different stretching techniques out there which you many be aware of. In VeraFlow we use passive, dynamic, static, Active Isolated and PNF. Your ideas of stretching may or may not be challenged as you complete your study but we think you'll love the way flexibility, balance, coordination and mindfulness training have been packaged up in VeraFlow. Contact us to arrange a taster masterclass for you and your students.