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Data di iscrizione: 1 ago 2020

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Hi to all. I'm so excited to start my new adventure ! I decided that VeraFlow was what I needed.... My body needs to stretch and relax , as I have been teaching Zumba Fitness/Toning and Body Blast classes for nearly 10 years!!!

I don't like staying still for very long, so VeraFlow is just what I like. I also never give myself time to be in the 'present' or 'now' moment - mindfulness is just what I really need. I'm a mother to 4 children and grandmother to two .. I have worked casual positions my whole mothering life, 6 or even 7 days per week! So, yes, this is for me..

Thankyou for joining me on this journey

Thankyou to #VeraFlow

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Pauline Weller

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