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Take your passion to the next level and train to teach an awesome class that will look after your body and open up a whole new group of clientele making you money on your own terms

VeraFlow is for you if...

Dancer silhouette.png

you love to dance

If you used to dance, VeraFlow will take you back and give you those butterfly feelings again!

Dancing has huge physical benefits but also studies have shown that brain health improves too particularly areas of the brain relating to memory and learning.

Dance is good for the soul and it's a great way to start to open up the joints, find increased mobility and pliability in the muscles preparing them for stretching.

you love

great music

VeraFlow is choreographed to music that will move you.  You'll hear a mix of different music styles during a VeraFlow class all specially selected to take you on a journey. 


Naomi I just want to say THANK YOU for touching us VeraFlow instructors with the most incredibly moving music. There isn't one tune that I don't utterly adore! 


I urge anyone that hasn't already tried a VeraFlow class to find an instructor near you and try it - I promise you will feel free of tension, stress and tightness its just bliss.

- Gillian Sadler

Brain pic VF.png

you experience stress

We conducted a poll on Twitter and found that 86% off people feel stressed every day and the remaining 14% feel stressed at least once a week!

Exercise is well-documented to help you feel better in spirits. Add mindfulness to the mix and you've got a recipe for living a much less stressful life.

As an instructor not only will you be helping yourself but you'll have the opportunity to make a massive impact on many lives helping people to live stress free.

Healthy bones.png

you want to look after your body

Are you teaching classes that are putting your body under extreme strain to keep up with the latest trends?


Even yoga, traditionally a restorative program, has turned competitive for many people who instead of listening to their bodies, try to get into poses that their body isn't quite ready for.


Teaching high intensity classes isn't bad for you but you do need to give your body a chance to rest and recover to avoid injuries, muscle tension and problems further down the line.


There is no impact in a VeraFlow class and it will be a welcome relief and restorative class to balance out your current class timetable.


you find yoga & pilates boring

Just as VeraFlow is not for everyone, yoga and pilates are not for everyone either.

That is, everyone is able to them with the correct instruction, but not everyone will want to participate or want to teach.

And that's ok.


If you find yoga and pilates boring, VeraFlow offers an alternative with engaging music, a variety of interesting stretching techniques and  mindfulness practise without any of the weird spiritual stuff.


Plus points for instructors as well as participants.

muscle soreness.png

you experience stress

you experience muscular pain

There really is no need to live with muscular pain in your life.

If your muscles hurt you could go for a massage - sounds nice but just add up how much that will cost you each week!


Or you could teach regular VeraFlow classes which will give you a workout, improve your flexibility, balance and coordination as well as train you to be more mindful. 


This is a huge selling point for participants but think of how it can benefit you as well. After all your livelihood counts on your body! 


According to many class participants you'll feel like you had a full body massage

(no, not one of the nice relaxing ones, but a sports massage. So you'll get the benefit but without the elbows digging into you!)

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