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Data di iscrizione: 15 gen 2019

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Hi, my name is Sam and I live in Dorset with my husband and 2 children. Ive been a fitness instructor since 2011 and I started teaching VeraFlow in community venues locally in September 2015. There’s a lovely spirit of community and friendship in all the classes with many great friendships made along over the years - Everyone is welcome to attend.

I teach 3 times a week so please feel free to get in touch to come and join us. **However i am currently only teaching online only due to the pandemic and will return to venues as soon as we are allowed.**

VeraFlow has become one of my favourite classes to instruct and over the years I have seen some really positive changes not only to my own mind and body but to those of my participants - The results speak for themselves.

It’s the perfect fusion of dance, stretch, mobility and mindfulness providing everything you need in 1 class. I simply love it.

Come and join us.

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Licensed Instructor
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